The Supreme Court of South Australia has ruled that the States anti-hooning legislation is unconstitutional and has overturned an order for a Port Pirie man to surrender his car after being convicted of three drink-driving offences in ten years.

Whilst this decision doesn’t mean car enthusiasts should start celebrating just yet, as the SA Government will undoubtedly look at ways of patching the loophole, it does show that these knee-jerk grey-area legislations are not water-tight and demonstrates that if you are prepared to fight, you CAN make a difference.

With all states and territories in Australia having their own version of anti-hooning legislation firmly in place, with extreme and often ridiculous penalties for convictions under this legislation, with car enthusiasts being labelled and discriminated against because of the media-fuelled sensationalism created by this vote-grabbing legislation, there has never been a more important time for ALL car enthusiasts and motorsport fans, regardless of their preferences, to unite and collectively fight for our rights as citizens of a free and democratic nation.