Welcome to Grunt Files, where cars are our passion… We’re all about cars; tough cars, modified cars, muscle cars, classic cars, drag cars, burnout cars, streeters and cruisers, in fact, any type of cars. ┬áIt doesn’t matter what kind of cars you are into, underneath it all, we all share the same passion, and that is what unites us.

The Australian Car Culture where mates help mates, families are all involved, and no-one cares about your background… There’s no elitist bullshit, no sporting prima-donna’s – just a bloke and the car that makes him (and the rest of us) proud.

Grunt Files has been filming this passion for a lot of years and we have seen a lot of changes; but none more disturbing than the media bashing, the full-on media offensive against our way of life, against our culture, against our very right to be ourselves.

This is anti Australian!

This is not acceptable!

We at Grunt Files have decided to make our stand against this cultural racism, this cultural assassination.

Join with us now as we plan our stand against unfair legislation that not-only drifts into grey areas, but often also uses derogatory words within the title and legislation; against the one-eyed media who are so keen to jump on the derogatory and racist bandwagon when referring to car enthusiasts – all in the interest of ratings; and the tunnel-visioned public who believe every word dished up to them by media whores who aren’t interested in allowing the truth get in the way of a good story…