All Motorsport in Australia will become illegal after the close of the Gold Coast 600 V8 Supercar event.

The decision was announced today by the Minister for Motor Sports and Anti-Hooning, Mr Wally Wanker, after a ministerial aide suggested that motorsport encouraged speeding and hooning offences.

“If we can save only one life by banning this noisy, time-wasting pastime, then the ban is worth it.” said the Minister during a media briefing at Parliament House today.

“To watch motor vehicles reaching speeds frequently approaching 300km/h whilst participating in often-dangerous overtaking manouvres, tailgating, and other assorted examples of bad driving sends a message to every-day motorists that this is acceptable behaviour and does little-more than encorage them to practice these skills on our roads”, he said.

When asked if the Government was expecting a backlash from the Australian public, the Minister replied “they’ll get over it. They’re lucky we didn’t ban private ownership of motor vehicles.”

In response to the announcement, a spokesperson for the Peak Motor Racing lobby, Mr Billy Racer, said “We are both shocked and disappointed by this news, but ultimately, it is the Government, and not the people who are in control.”