Powercruise #4


Tough cars aren’t a fad… They’re a way of life.

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Tough cars aren’t a fad… They’re a way of life.

Fat rubber for grip (and good looks)… Fat exhausts for performance (and cool sound).

Stroked motors to give extra inches (when size matters)… Forced induction (when horsepower matters).

If the smell of methanol brings a tear to your eye and the smell of burning rubber gets you off…

If the scream of tyres is music to your ears and the scream of a blower is a natural-high…

And when all of these elements come together and become the Rock Concert in your head… Where do you go, to rock ‘n roll?


To enter the event is the hardest-core partying you will ever have with your car.

To watch this event is to see the toughest cars partying hard in the ultimate playground… An “A Grade” motor racing circuit.

To own this DVD is to relive the hardest, toughest, fastest car party in town… To go there, any time you like.

Powercruise… Where myths become reality and legends are born…