Powercruise #2


Powercruise #2 – The ultimate car party!

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Powercruise #2 – The ultimate car party!

For three days they cruised the track, drag-raced all-comers, pushed the Dyno to the limit, and shredded thousands of tyres.

And the two nights in between? …Yes… It WAS the ultimate car party.

Where else can you take a street hack and drive it like you stole it; take your custom street machine and drive it like it was meant to be driven?

Where else could you line up against some of the fastest cars in the country and give it your best shot – just because you wanted to?

And where else do the spectators have as much fun as the competitors?

They say Powercruise is the best event of its kind… Anywhere in the world!

Make up your own mind. Smell the rubber, taste the smoke; relive the three wildest days of the year.

And if you weren’t there… Have a look at what you missed and cry in your beer.