Grunt Files #1 DVD


Grunt Files #1 – where it all began…

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You’ve heard about it, you’ve been waiting for it.

Wait no more, the Grunt Files have arrived. The Magazine on DVD for all lovers of fast, tough cars.

Strap yourself in for the best ride in town. The Grunt Files. The magazine you kick back and watch.

Watch Nitrous sucking V8s, listen to screaming superchargers and straight-through exhausts, smell the methanol.

Smell the rubber burning, taste the smoke, feel your eyes water from the fumes.

Street cars, drag cars, burnout cars. Full-on action at full throttle. Check them out on the track, on the pads, on the dyno and on the street. Show car or Feral, they’re all here.

We talk to Victor Bray and he tells us that Drag Racing is the best sport in the world. Chris Hollingworth tells us about crashing his 1500 horsepower Pro Street Outlaw.

And check out the technical stories. Building up heads for Maximum Horsepower; how does a Dyno work; and see if its really possible to build a tough Street Car with Attitude for the cost of a slab of piss.

All this and more in over 100 minutes of tyre smoking, engine shattering action.