Grunt Files #6 DVD


Grunt Files #6… It’s better than being there!

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Grunt Files #6… It’s better than being there!

Check out some of the hottest events from around the country… From the canefields of the Northern Tropics to the tranquility of Tassie, you’ll see plenty of tough cars skiddin’ and racin’.

Maybe you fancy a run out to Wagga to celebrate end of summer with a Burnout Party, or maybe out to Kandos just because you can!

Then there’s Archerfield where being Feral is Cool, and just a short drive up the road to Powerplay where being tough is cooler…

Ever thought about racin’ Jet Boats? Nor had we ‘til we found out they were V8 powered and pushin’ 1,000 ponies… Maximum headrush!

Drag Racing in Tassie? Would you believe it’s Tassie Nats an’ it’s huge! Or maybe the Tin Tops in Queensland is more your style… Either way, you can taste the Methanol.

Then there’s a whole heap of tales about blokes an’ their cars, there’s tech tips, there’s girls, there’s tits, there’s plenty of good ol’ political incorrectness an’ there’s…

Grunt Files – It’s a way of life!

Just because we love V8s…