For some time now there has been a call for motoring enthusiasts to unite, to have the power to stand against the establishment in our challenge of the draconian legislation’s and penalties imposed on us as a culture; legislation’s which ultimately would destroy our lifestyle.

Australia has had a long and loving relationship with motor vehicles, our history goes way back to the beginning – but will we have a future as enthusiasts, or do we become subservient to the governmental nanny attitude; you know, the one that stops us from participating in any activity which doesn’t fit into the wishes of those who claim to represent us. In fact, if the government has it’s way, we will all be driving environmentally friendly hybrids, with our only two options being manufacturer and colour.

And rest assured, Motoring enthusiasts are not the only ones targeted by governments hell-bent on conformism; there are many other ordinary Australians who are seen as minority groups and targeted by the government simply because they don’t fit into the mould forced on us by the narrow minded, tunnel-visioned parliamentarians who want nothing less than complete control over every facet of our daily lives.

The unity so-far demonstrated by motoring enthusiasts in support of efforts to be heard by governments and bureaucrats has been encouraging and because of this, we have seen doors to negotiation slowly opening for us. But there was more than a need to be invited to meetings with bureaucrats to discuss our future; to truly have change, we need to be much higher in the food chain – we need to be up near the level where the real decision makers can be reached, a level where we are involved in the decision making process.

Australians are becoming increasingly disillusioned with government in Australia; the all-take – no-give policies, the kow-towing to the wishes of foreign nations before the welfare of our own country, nanny-state legislation designed to create absolute conformity between citizens. In short, Australians are fed-up with being treated like mindless morons by those who have been voted in by the very people they are screwing over – we have no right to question these people, and their lack of community consultation indicates an absolute contempt for those they claim to represent.

With the unity and support shown by motoring enthusiasts, we have a voice; our opportunity to place ourselves on the same level as those who would see our lifestyle crushed along with our cars, those who insist we conform to what THEIR idea of society should be with no consideration for our individuality.

Motoring Enthusiasts and Proud…