Right now, I would be one of the proudest people in Australia. Proud of what has been achieved by the motoring community, and proud of the unity that has been displayed by what had been previously portrayed as a minority rabble of outlaw motorists in hotted-up cars.

In 2012, Sharyn and I began posting issues relating to the motoring enthusiast community on our Grunt Files facebook page because we were concerned about the very public aspersions aimed at our community with no way of responding to the vilification of our culture, of our way of life.

This has resulted in members of our community from all areas of motoring coming together as a united and unified voice to combat the negativity targeting us. Our united response has been a resounding “we are not going to lay down and take it…”

In this short period of time, we have seen the ACMC  (Australian Confederation of Motor Clubs) form in Queensland and open communication with politicians and government departments, and we have seen the formation of our very own political party, the AMEP (Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party), where we made history by winning a Senate seat.

We are no longer outcasts in our own country – we are united, we are organised, we have rights and we vote.

I am Australian, I am a Motoring Enthusiast, I am proud of each and every one of you, and I am proud of my heritage and of my culture…

And remember to share the pride with everyone you know.

Keith Littler