When your business really wants to be seen, then Grunt Files is the only show in town…

Why should your business be involved?

In production with its fourth television season, Grunt Files offers a unique opportunity for every business needing to connect with a mixed but predominantly male target audience in the 15 to 65 year age group and representing all socio-economic backgrounds.

Partnering with Grunt Files exposes your business to a huge Television and Internet audience, increasing brand familiarity, and making your brand stand out from competitors when consumers are looking to spend money.

Grunt Files not only entertains its audience; with its many tech-tips and feature cars it inspires many to work on their own cars – to “fix” whatever needs fixing, modify whatever needs modifying, to “get back” to that special project or to start a new one…

As a sponsor, your business will benefit from the exposure on, and association with a popular television program which allows you to communicate with your customer in a setting where he is favourably disposed towards those who have made the experience possible.

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